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Shipping and Fulfillment

To View our current shipping policy click here.

Inventory shortages or other fulfillment issues may cause delays.

Your order will be shipped using a carrier that we have selected. We cover the shipping fees as long as the shipping address is located in Canada and the Continental United States.

Once you have completed your purchases on our online store, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date. Every effort is made to facilitate the delivery of your order on time, and by the estimated delivery date.

After your order is processed and fulfilled, we will send you an email containing the order tracking number. Once your order is fulfilled and placed in the hands of our selected shipping carrier, we cannot guarantee the delivery date indicated by the carrier.



30 Days Return –  All product must be returned within 30 days of the product being shipped.  A shipping return label will be included with all orders shipped from East Coast Internet Imports warehouse. Once we issue a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number you will have 14 days to return the order or items to us.

  • You must return the item in it's retail packaging, not openned, with the original seals.

    • By doing this, will issue a full refund.
  • If you open the packaging and realize then it would not be a fit.

    • We will collect a 5% re-listing fee.
      • Because for this item life to continue and go back on the market, we are forced to re-listed has an openbox or refurbish products.
        • Once the funds collected, we will approve your RMA and provide you with a return label.
  • If the product was Death on Arrival (DOA)

    • We will issue a full refund or exchange when we will receive and evaluate the return.
    • If the tracked package get lost by the carrier in the return process. We will provide a full refund no question asked.
  • All RMA number issued by East Coast Internet Imports Inc. and it's partners must be received and confirmed by us

    • before we consider collecting a re-listing fee or issue a full refund.
  • We may also decide to reject a returned product

    • If we conluded that there was damage done on the RMA caused by customer packing material negligence.
  • If the returned RMA product is considered unfit by us to issue a full refund:

    • we will notify the customer that the return has been rejected and;
    • no refund will be issued to the customer.
  • If we reject a RMA, the customer can choose one of the following options:

    • The product can shipped back to the customer
      • at a reasonable shipping method offered by us and
      • the customer has to pay the shipping fees for us to return this item
    • The product can be recycled by us at the request of the customer (no fees apply).

If you do not select one of the above options within 14 days of receiving the products we will inform you that your return has been rejected and the product will be recycled.

  • Free Shipping Information and Returns:

    • If did select the "free shipping from our warehouse" option at the time of your purchases:
      • You will be entitled to receive for free return shipping on your RMA, using a carrier that we’ve selected.
      • You will be entitled to a tracking service with no extra charge
      • You will be entitled to a provided $100 insured shipment.

Please read carefully the notes below.

  • We are not responsible for risk of loss or damage in you returning a product to us. These are out of our hands the minute they leave our warehouse and it falls under the carrier hands. 

    We only offer free return shipping in Canada and U.S. at this time.

    • If we decide to offer a insurrance on a RMA shipping label it is only to cover our cost and not you cost. You can not try to conviance us to sent you money based on the fact that we may or may not receive the insurance coverage on back on it. 


At EastCoastInternetImports.com, we do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your purchase but we know that sometimes a product is just not right.

  • You may return your point of sales products within 30 days of receipt by you, as long as it is in new condition and has the original packaging.

  • No returns are accepted over 30 days.

  • We only accept returns of the products we sold directly to you.

  • We will cover the cost of a product returnedPriority shipping charges selected at checkout are non-refundable.

    • As long as the product was originally shipped to you free of charge.

If we suspect you’re abusing the return policy

For example:

  • by returning  products on multiple occasions or on a seasonal basis

We reserve the right to refuse your return.
We also reserve the right to temporary or permanatly disable your account in order for us to resolve the problem to the current situation.



Privacy Policy 

East Coast Internet Imports Inc. is maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of your Personal Information.
We fulfill this commitment through security measures used to protect your information and our policies, including this Privacy Policy.

“Personal Information” This information is about you as an “identifiable individual” that is protected by law.

This Privacy Policy will explain:

  • how and why we use, collect and sometimes disclose your Personal Information;

  • how and when we will request your informed consent (with certain exceptions);

  • how you can have access to your Personal Information that we have on file; and

  • who to contact if you have questions or concerns about your privacy.

Application of this Privacy Policy:

1. This Privacy Policy applies to all customers of East Coast Internet Imports Inc. and authorized users of Louis Robert dba East Coast Internet Import’s products and services, and Louis Robert dba East Coast Internet Imports' associates.

2. East Coast Internet Imports Inc.’s Privacy Policy is for the purpose of simplifying and having a general understanding of how we deal with Personal Information, It cannot address every situation, so some of our services or products may also have service-specific or product privacy policies. These service-specific are product policies is exchanged in various ways appropriate to the circumstances. The regulations above also form part of this Privacy Policy. It is possible that we"ll provide you additional information about our practices on this privacy policy through our website, via different pages you are browsing.

3. This Privacy Policy covers this business owned by East Coast Internet Imports Inc. e-commerce store operations. Some of our third-party are licensed dealers, suppliers and third-party authorized agents and they may have their own privacy policies. We will make sure that they treat your Personal Information with regards as strong as those set out in this Privacy Policy.

4. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all Personal Information that we use, collect or disclose about our customers, authorized users, and employees are covered by this Privacy Policy. It might include information such as your first and last name , ship to address, email address, phone number, credit information, and billing or service records. Exceptions in some cases are created by applicable law to what might ordinarily be considered Personal Information.

5. Keep in mind that Personal Information such as your first and last name, address, telephone number and e-mail address that are listed in a public directory on systems other then ours, are not protected by privacy laws.

Consent and your Personal Information:

6. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. reserves the right to collect, use or disclose your Personal Information when it is reasonable in the circumstances

(a) if it is clearly in your best interest (such as a medical emergency or a threat to your safety);

(b) to comply with a warrant or other court order;

(c) to collect a debt;

(d) to investigate the breach of an agreement or applicable law; or

(e) as otherwise legally required or allowed.

7. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. will obtain your express consent if we rely on the suggestion to send you tracking information via email to the email address you provide after you make a purchase on the shop online. To enable individual location-based marketing for a third-party (you have already provided such consent to the third-party) we would request your express consent before we would use your Personal Information .

8. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. may modify your Personal Information in a way that can’t be identified as an individual or business, and use this modified information to operate Louis Robert dba East Coast Internet Import, and to create and maintain reports (analytic marketing) in use and for the use of our partners.

Collection, Disclosure, Data Usage and Your Personal Information:

9. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. will or might collect your Personal Information based on the following examples:

(a) during the inquiry, activation or purchase process for a product or service sold by East Coast Internet Imports Inc. when you are providing your Personal Information;

(b) in the process of providing services to our customers from our e-commerce website;

(c) that automatically collects, when visiting a website operated by East Coast Internet Imports Inc. (Involving the use of cookies or similar technologies), request into our contact center and other support provided in coagulation with the service provided via e-commerce website; or

(d) from third-parties, such as credit bureau reporting agencies, or other third-parties with whom you have had a payment relationship established.

10. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. may reserve the rights to use your Personal Information based on the following information:

(a) to operate responsible business activities with you and to provide ongoing services;

(b) to understand the preferences of our customers, and determine your taste for products and services;

(c) to suggest products and services that meets your needs;

(d) to create and optimize and operate marketing based on provided products and services you purchased from us;

(e) create and operate, optimize your data based on business operations; or

(f) meet our Canadian legal laws and requirements.

We might also request in time, when we judge that it's for our best interest, further consent steps might be taken before we can use your Personal Information for any new purpose(s) beyond those described in the above paragraph.

11. We may disclose some of your Personal Information in a other circumstances when we have your express or implied consent;

(a) Your agent such as (a person acting as a legal representative or authorized user) only if we are confident that the person is authorized to receive your Personal Information;

(b) Our suppliers and agents that are authorized to assist with activities such as providing East Coast Internet Imports Inc. operational support in concluding a business practice;

(c) Our communications service provider or a telephone directory service in order to facilitate the completion of pending transactions;

(d) Our third-party collection agencies for the purpose of collecting amounts owed to East Coast Internet Imports Inc. which are past due;

(e) Our third-parties to assess credit worthiness or assist with the collection of amounts owed to East Coast Internet Imports Inc. which are due such as credit reporting agencies or anyone you have had a payment relationship with and also delivery (shipping) organizations to ship you products and/or services you have ordered;

(f) Government institutions or an organization to prevent fraud or to investigate the contravention of a law or an agreement, if reasonably necessary to establish your identity;

(g) An appropriate public authority where there is imminent danger to life or property in an emergency situation;

(h) As you have requested a consent to do so, or a third-party (like your financial institution, government agency, or Website site); or

(I) As required or allowed by law

In time when we consider that it is required that we will ask for further consent before revealing your Personal Information for any new intention(s) in extend of those described in the above paragraph.

Requesting a removal of your consent:

12. You can withdraw your consent, or ask to opt-out of the collection, usage or revelation of your Personal Information in certain cases. For example, where you have expressed consent to receive marketing in form of electronic messages, you can request to opt-out at a later time.

Likewize, you can opt-out of all your Personal Information that is currently and would have been used for a variety of business commercial communications by East Coast Internet Imports Inc. This includes business commercial communications or addressed business commercial mail.

Cases where your Personal Information is legitimately necessary to provide the services you requested (such as product warranty extended plans) or to maintain East Coast Internet Imports Inc. is current business operations, you can’t opt-out of the use, collection and revelation of your Personal Information as it is a conditional service in order to conduct business with the current business operation. A service termination is required to stop the collection, condition, usage and disclosure of your Personal Information.

Validity and Protection of Your Personal Information:

13. If you want to view, correct or update your Personal Information,  within a reasonable time after receiving a request in writing from you, please send us this request in writing at sales@eastcoastinternetimports.com.
If for any reasons we can’t provide you with access to your Personal Information (For example: we cannot reveal an individual’s Personal Information or other confidential or privileged information), you will be advised of the reasons why it cannot be provided.
Keeping the Personal Information we hold about you precise, up to present-day and as a whole is what we are aiming for.

14. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. protects your Personal Information by using third-party industry standard platforms that sell services based on accessibility stability, integrity, confidentiality and security business practice. We would never intentionally comprise the security of our customers by using non-standard business operation.

15. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. reserves the rights to use, transfer, store or process outside of Canada in order to conclude business affairs overseas accordance with regulations no less rigorous than those that we apply in Canada. Personal Information that is processed outside of Canada will only be used by such third-parties in the regulation we will put in place. Keep in mind that your Personal Information may be a topic to the laws and jurisdiction of foreign countries.

16. East Coast Internet Imports Inc. will keep your Personal Information as long as necessary or appropriate for the established Canadian laws and regulations. After these regulations are no longer applied, we will destroy the records that you have on file with us.

Changes, Questions and Contact Information:

We may reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy (service-specific privacy policies or other products ) at any time, in accordance with current Canadians laws.
If our policy change, you will receive a notice from us by email or through our website.

East Coast Internet Imports Inc. designed this privacy practice to comply withcurrent Canadian federal, provincial and territorial laws, includingthe Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Do you have concerns, questions or maybe recommendations about East Coast Internet Imports Inc.’s privacy practices?
If so, please get in touch with us at sales@eastcoastinternetimports.com using “Privacy Policy” a  subject will ensure that we process your email in a timely fashion.

If you still have concerns after contacting us about our policy?
Feel free to contact the Office of the
Privacy Commissioner of Canada

30 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1H3

Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376




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