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We have been busy finding ways to finance our activities so that we can re-invest and buy/sell/provide more products or services.
We are very proud to announce that we fix our websites technical difficulties that we have been fighting over the past four months...
In order for us to provide our customer with the best shopping experience we decided to get consultation with a Marketing expert.
Today mark the end of 1st quarter or our operations also mark the beginning of the 2nd quarter of our operations. We would like first of all to take the opportunity all to welcome all new members to our East Coast Internet Imports Inc.'s Facebook page. I am glad you joined the page it will allows us to explore our creativity between our services and the current media platform you like to use to stay linked to the Web. We want to talk about the progress of the vendor shop, also some the issue we encountered related to shipping optimization and our upcoming projection for the 3rd quarter. We intent to deliver to our " East Coast Internet Imports Inc's Facebook members " the best interactive shopping experience they have access to with Facebook along with the current best
We are progressing quite fast in optimizing our operations. We are currently focusing a big part of our workforce in getting lot every services that we provide optimized.
warehouse, hiring and ongoing development.
To celebrate our new partnership with Canada Post will make a cool contest right now. If you can find this advertisement on Google about us. Reply to this post with print screen of this ad and we will gift you a TeamGroup L5 3D LITE SATA III - 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk (Hard Drive)
We are now linked to Canada Post services.
January 26th, 2019 Update -January 26, 2019
Hi everyone, sorry that you didn't hear from us in a while. We have been quite busy.
We recently decided to go big by changing our development platform.