Importing or Exporting?

Importing or Exporting?

With all the resources that we have in our hands at East Coast Internet Imports Inc.

  1. We can help you on different matters.
    We can:

    1. Help you with the importation of goods from your company into Canada

    2. Deal with the best North American customs clearance brokers in Canada and the United States of America so that you don't have to worry about it.

    3. Get you the best clearance rates to import non-restricted products into Canada.

    4. Can get you import permits to import certain restricted goods into Canada.

    5. Can act as a  "shipping return point" in North America meaning, once the quantity of goods returned to us reach your point of return interest.

      We will:

      • Place all the products returned to us in a return box address to you;  

      • Follow your packaging instruction and obtain details from you to ensure accuracy;

      • Fill out your country's documentation for custom's clearance requirements;

      • Cleary indicate the right values for your custom clearance paperwork as mentioned below: 

        • Item value and description;
        • HS tariff number;
        • Country of origin;
        • Declared Value;
        • Duty paid;
        • And other custom clearance requirement that is requested by the Custom Border Agency.

      • Once the shipping label and the custom's clearance paperwork is ready for this package to be shipped. 
      • We will sent you an invoice that includes:

        • All the custom clearance fees.
        • All the shipping related fees.
        • The East Coast Internet Imports' service fee that we both talk about in your account usage agreement. 

    6. We can also act as a shipping warehouse location. Using our system you will be able to:

      1. Send us an insured inventory stocks*

      2. Have access to the Dashboard applications in a developpement envirionment ***

        1. Operating in a way that you can provide your feedback to us on what you want and we will get it build in function of what your needs.***

        2. Once we decided it's a complete solution, we will deploy it live on our Application Service Portal.***

      3. Track and monitor your shipments 

      4. Get access to the best North American custom clearance documentation along with your paperwork that you want to send to your customers.

      5. Submit the custom clearance paperwork yourself or let us submitted for it for you *

      6. Get access to the best delivery services in Canada and USA *

      7. We submit you a quote to you along with our terms for you to review before purchasing products or our available services. 

      8. Get French and/or English speaking support from us available to you or your customers from 9h00 AM until 7h00 PM (Atlantic Standard Times).


So what are you waiting for?
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So that we can do great business together and build on what the futur will bring us from Coast to Coast.


~ The East Coast Internet VIP Services teams.



    * other fee or fees may apply

  ** contact us for more information

*** An agreement must be set between us and our partners,
before it would be presented to you as a form of agreement.
Additional Development Fees may apply.

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