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Canadian Tax Information

Canada, along with other countries as many ways of collecting taxes. They have to collect tax to be able to fund their government projects and investments.


Generally speaking, in Canada our government will collect taxes in two ways. It will collect a general 5% tax on all items destined to customer's door in Canada.

  • This tax is communally known has the "Canadian goods and services tax" also known as the "GST".


  • And then, depending in which province in Canada this consumer reside, there is additional tax that needs to be charged to them by this provinces for the same reasons that we mentioned at the beginning of this informational tax sheet.

    The province will either request registered “GST merchant” to collect a Provincial Sales Tax "PST" or Harmonized Sales Tax "HST" depending what this province request.

For example:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia and
  • Prince Edward Island provinces

All ask to collect the HST from their citizen at a rate of 15% on top of the 5% that the merchant have paid during the importation of the product.

  • For Ontario, the rate requested is HST at 13% on top of the 5% that the merchant have paid during the importation of the product.

  • For British Columbia, the rate requested is Provincial Sales Tax ("PST") at 7% and they won't charge you more then this.
  • For Saskatchewan, their preferential rate is Provincial Sales Tax ("PST") at 6% and they won't charge you more then this.

  • As for Quebec the Quebec Sales Tax ("QST") rated at 9.975%

  • And for Manitoba their inquired rate is the Retail Sales Tax ("RTS") which has the lowest tax rate of all province at 8%

  • The Territories

    Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut have no territorial sales taxes, due to the high living cost of living (Shipping rate extremly high) in these territories. 


Certain items like Books for example are exempt from a portion of the HST and are totally PST free.

Some are not like journals or calendars are not tax exempt.
Basically any books for education purposes are tax exempt and any books like journals are considered for a profit.
Their tax on merchants is applicable.
This means that for all books shipped to province that collect HST, the tax code to be displayed has HST but rated at the 5% GST tax rate.


Keep in mind that many elements can affect the tax rate during a year.
Please keep in mine that the tax rate displayed is a “Estimated Tax” and can change from the time your order is entered and the time that it is shipped.

When purchasing a gift card, no tax should be added to this gift card.
But when using your gift card to purchase goods then tax should be collected of these goods even if you paid with your gift card.

All orders exported out of Canada are not subject to Canadian Tax rate but will be subject to the tax and customs charges of the country it is exported to.

If you are considered a Tax-exempt Customer or Reseller to take advantage of your tax-exempt benefits, contact us by email after you submitted your order and will ask you to provide the information that you have to apply your tax fee benefits.

Upon received of this certified proof.
You items will be shipped tax free.
For all items destined to Manitoba, Manitoba PST Purchase Exemption Certificate or the Manitoba PST Vendor Registration Certificate Number must be provided.

When sending us a email in regards of your Tax Free Benefits please include "Attn: PST-free." in the subject line.

Upon receivable of your tax free benefits official documents, we will refund the PST charged on your goods.
We need to be contacted after you place your order for us to be able to refund the tax applied on your shipment.


GST-Exempt Customers/Provincial Governments

For all provincial-government department, Crown Corporation, board, commission, or agency that's eligible to make purchases without paying any GST rate. 

  • You need to provide us with your paper that certified that the purchase was made using “Crown funding”.
  • Upon receivable of this officially signed certificate we will process your inquiry to refund the tax.


You must send us an email after your purchases that has “Attn: PST-fee” in your subject line. We will then send your the procedure information.

Please note that you must contact us after placing each orders, to make sure the GST gets refunded.


~ The East Coast Internet Imports Inc. team.