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Welcome to our community and their forum.

As some of you may or may not know.
We are on a mission here at East Coast Internet Imports Incorporated.

That mission is to provides vendors with awesome tools that they need or will need to run all their business activities in Canada under one platform.

And by doing so, we are able to offer to our customers a totally different shopping experience in today's e-commerce reality.

Where these consumers has the possibility of connecting with wholesalers or retailers and then becoming a wholesaler or retailer themselves.

Please, be respectful using this forum.

You must accept that not everyone shares the same opinion has you.

And you must not put pressure on other users to follow your advices,
accept your ideologies or your given opinion.

If you got any questions related to the usage of our services, please review our Term's under the About us section here.

On this...
Thank you for your support.

We will have a great year 2019!


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