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Are you looking into doing purchase on the World Wide Web aka Internet?

Since the arrival of the Internet, many consumers has been fulfilling their needs with products online.

Many of them are
not aware that their personal information is at risk depending which e-commerce website they choose to do their purchase on.

Some website will protect their consumers personal information by encrypting the information of the transaction and some others don't because they do not have the knowledge or funding to do so.
Or simply because they are dishonest, unorganized or maleficent organizations.

The organizations that choose to protect their consumers information will do so by purchasing security certificate.
This security certificate certifies that the flow of information is encrypted and secured from this organization website.

Once a company has a certificate, they apply it on their services and then their potential client can enjoy safe and trusty transactions using the

httpS:// in front of the website they are about to browse.
A little trick is when you see
“S”, think “Secured”


Watch this following video for complete coverage on http vs httpS.


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~ The East Coast Internet imports Inc. team

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This is my 1st blog on the new platform - Being the importer of record...

Hi everyone, I am very exicited with the sucessful merge to the new platform. 


I think we pretty much managed to get every bit and pieces of the old website has been moved to our new website.
We are really eager to start sourcing again and bring these products available to you inside our shop. 

We currently developping our relations with importer, exporters and affiliates,
so that we can have nice material and services to provide on the website. 

Also we got incorporated to be able to protect this business in case of a legal action against us or against our partners, our terms of agreement, our client's privacy and also to provide basic legal advise for our customers in case of a legal action taken against them in the process of buying and/or selling on the Internet.

We think in a world where transaction get completed in a matter of seconds,
issues can occur fast and sometimes it can also  turn into chaos.

It's important to stay on the legal side of things when you are making transactions so that you are not facing the repercussion.

I can tell you a very common example...

Let's says that you buy a product on the Internet and you think that this product is shipped from the country that the seller mentionned on his or hers advertisement on a website. 

You then receive a notice that you need to go at your postal office to pickup your package and that you have to pay customs clearance fees before you can received it.

If you don't know what you are doing at this point, you might become the importer of record for the shipment.

If this ever happen to you, your country's custom agents can question the integrity of the shipment.
And  if there is something wrong with it, you are responsible for it.

You can face charges and in some cases jail time.

Most of the time, when this scenario occures its because you are buying from a dishonest seller and
there was no ways to figure it out unless you went into fine prints or details on the advertisement.

Sometimes, it just that the seller doesn't know how to export properly and then it create a domino effect down the road...
So at the end, you only know about it after he or she sell you something illegal. 
Once you get to your post office and then it's too late.

What we are hoping to do here at East Coast Internet Imports Inc. is to

  1. Buy and import these goods into Canada
  2. Deal with any issues related to Canada's custom clearance
  3. Get them into our warehouses
  4. Get the quality check and appraisal done.
  5. Get a 1st review on it writen on it 
  6. Make it available for you to buy direclty from us from the website 


So basiclly, if the product is on the website and shows that it is "in stock" it means that...
"Yes. We have it in stock."

We can also tell you on which shelve it sits on here in our warehouse...
if you are not convinced, I will put my phone call with the bank on hold and then will go make you a video.
Just kidding... no video please.


If you got any questions or comments please use the contact us section at the bottom of the page.

We always appreciate comments and feedback.
Plus it help us provide you with better deals and accurate and up to date content. 






Welcome to the new and improved East Coast Internet Imports.

Hi Everyone. We are doing great. We recently decided to domain name. Our new domain is shorter which is easier to enter in a webbrowser and easier to remember.



We also decided to change platform which will allow us to provide fast, more creative and interactif content for you so that you can experiance a better shopping insight with us.

So we would like to ask everyone please be patiant until the website reach is full potential has we have to merge the old website to this new platform. We need to re-create everything from scratch. Contact us at if you have any questions or concern regarding this subject.


Last Post we specified the following goals for East Coast Internet Imports

  1. New shipping solution integrated with Canada Post
  2. changing the website name
  3. getting incorporated


a) since we change the platform and the domain name, we are currently working on placing the products and the content of the website up to date

b) We change the name of the website, but we are still working on getting the SSL certificate up to date and making sure that will be re-directing to

c) After countless hours of researching we concluded that to provide the best service to our customers we need to get incorporated. So that's what we did last week. We did our homework and now we are incorporated. I will have more detail later on.

Wishing everyone a very good 2019 year. Cheers!