Baseball cap with LED Display Screen (custom message)

Nice hat that lets you write a message a customize message in the LED Display Screen.
Manufacturer: Generic Brand
Free shipping
Delivery date: 5-7 business days


Product Advantages:

  • Mobile phone wireless transmission:
    the perfect solution to the problem of
    downloader or USB transmission.
  • Bluetooth downloadable customization software:
    you can change the displayed message anytime and anywhere.


Android phone compatible:

  • scan directly the QC Code
    on a label on the hat to be redirected to
    the download link for the software
  • tear it off and you are good to go.

Apple IOS compatible: 

  • download software "kangaROOS" from
    the IOS Store

Extra Information:

  • You can also customize the specifications and APP
  • The real fifth-generation Bluetooth low-power version, more power-saving and more stable



  • Material:
    silicone sleeve
  • Supported languages:
    English only
  • Input voltage:
    DC 5V
  • Average power consumption:
  • Button function:
    long press the small round button to
    switch the machine
  • Battery capacity: 450mAh
    ( built-in li-ion battery )
  • Power supply mode:
    USB charging