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About Us

About Us

Who are we ?

We are East Coast Internet Imports Inc.

We have been in the business of buying and selling

electronic products since 2010.


Working hard to find quality products that's

available all over the world so that our customers

can enjoy a quality lifestyle at an affordable

market price is what we do here everyday at

We  value our customers and we will go above and
beyond to assure that they will get their products
on time and the quality for their money.

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer to spend
hard working dollars on products that doesn’t last
theirs lifeline. 
Your hard working dollars won’t be spend on us selling
low grade quality products … You can rest assure.

We  want our customers to experience the best experience
in shopping with a company that they can finally trust.

Understanding that our customers is the reason why we
are now in business so is important for this company to
maintain a professional and prompt quality service in return. 


Why shop with us ?

  • We are operating  from Moncton,
    New-Brunswick Canada.
  • We are currently only serving the United States and
  • Our staffs has over 10 years of experiences in importing
    goods into Canada.
  • We pay attention to details to every products we imports
    so that our customers can enjoy higher quality products 
    at the price they are willing to pay.
  • We offer satisfaction or money back within 7 days of 
    receiving our products. *in accordance of our return policy
  • We provide prompt email response during business hours.
    (7 days a week from 8h00 am to 9h00pm)
  • As we do more and more business we will be increasing
    our purchasing power in which our customers will benefits 
    by receiving discounts on certain items which can eventually 
    lead to wholesales orders.
  • You don’t need to spend countless hours finding quality
    products that you love on the Internet.
  • No, because we already spend endless hours sourcing,
    documenting products and services so it would meet the
    quality you expect and be available to you 
    when you need it and at a competitive price.
  • Get all the quality goods you need from one based website that is
    trustworthy and easy to use.

Terms and Conditions


Contact us ?

You can reach up to us 7 days a week from 8h00am to 9h00pm
Atlantic Standard Time.  
We answer all emails as soon as they come into our inbox. 

Feel free to send us yours questions or concerns at

We’re hoping to hear from you soon…


~ The East Coast Internet Imports team and its partners.



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